UNISON resource: Bargaining for the Living Wage

UNISON has published a July 2018 guide to assist branches in establishing the Living Wage as the minimum pay rate in an organisation.

The guide covers the following:

  • The arguments to put to employers in making the case for the Living Wage;
  • Responding to frequently asserted counter arguments by employers;
  • Factors to consider in shaping your strategy for implementation of the Living Wage;
  • Campaigning and organising techniques for strengthening the bargaining position;
  • Methods of building the Living Wage into procurement policies.

The guide gives examples of the economic benefits of introducing the Living Wage reported by employers, such increased retention, improved productivity and reduced sickness absence.

It has links to employer accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation and publicity and campaigning materials for a Living Wage by UNISON.

Access the guide (pdf).


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