Our vision is a just and compassionate society, where we are free from harm and can all contribute and flourish, whoever we are, whatever we believe in and whatever we do and don’t have. A society that is equally ours.

What we do

Our mission is to advance people’s equality and human rights in the UK.

We do this by connecting people and organisations, and using our collective evidence, expertise, strength and influence to create change.
Our ten-year strategy (2022-2032), Together for social justice, sets out our bold agenda to increase equality and strengthen rights at scale.

Our three big issues are law, climate and investment:

  • Protecting and improving the law on equality and human rights
  • Embedding climate justice into local and national strategies and policy on climate adaptation
  • Increasing investment in solutions to the root causes of inequality and rights abuse.

You can read more about our strategy.

You can find out about our team and our funders.

And if you’d like to know even more about us, here’s our latest Trustees’ report and financial statements.

What we stand for

The values that underpin everything that we do are compassion, commitment and creativity.


We believe that everyone is born equal in dignity and rights. We share a generous-spirited world view, based on our shared humanity. Our compassion makes us both hopeful and pragmatic.


Our commitment to people’s equality and human rights gives us courage and perseverance. We act with integrity and honesty. We speak up for what’s right. We hold ourselves to high standards, seeking to learn, improve and adapt.


We are curious about why society works as it does, and why people think, feel, and act the way we do. And we use our collective experience and expertise to look for long-term solutions to our social problems

Our story

Where we started

Starting out in 2002 (as the Equality and Diversity Forum), we grew into an influential network that successfully made the case for improving protections for everyone, resulting in the Equality Act 2010 – the biggest single shake-up of the UK’s equality laws.

We’ve been instrumental in changing the terms of the equality and human rights debate, using constructive dialogue, collaboration, and challenge to improve national policy and help people use their rights in practical ways.

We were one of the first adopters of strategic communications (evidence- and value-based framing) in the UK, establishing a ground-breaking initiative to help people see the relevance of human rights in their everyday lives.

And we have equipped and supported hundreds of organisations, funders, and community groups to advocate and take action for social justice on the ground. Everything we do is about using our energy, expertise, and influence to create a just and inclusive society

Equally Ours today

To this day, we are the only UK-wide pan-equality and human rights network in the UK. We use this unique position and the strength of our shared voice and evidence base to protect and advance people’s equality and human rights in law and practice.