With our members, we advance policy initiatives and solutions to bring about a just and inclusive society.

We help members to speak with one voice to influence government and policymakers. Our strength comes from our wide representation of people and organisations across all equality strands.

We have a strong evidence base from the wealth of research undertaken by our members. We learn from each other and support each other in finding solutions to common problems and challenges, and we propose new ways of working.

We make a difference and we’re proud of our successes.

After the first Equality Act in 2006, as an influential network we successfully made the case for improving protections for everyone, resulting in the Equality Act 2010 – the biggest single shake-up of the UK’s equality laws.

In the last two years, a wide coalition of members have been lobbying the government over the EU (Withdrawal) Act. The Act came into power in June 2018 and included a commitment from the government to maintain all protections in and under the Equality Acts of 2006 and 2010 after we leave the EU. As a result of our lobbying, the government changed the Act to make ministers provide information on the equality impact of the legislation.

Our Policy Forum

Our Policy Forum meets each month in London.

It provides an opportunity for our members to share research, knowledge and experience. And a platform to engage constructively with government ministers, officials and agencies – providing them with a pan-equality response to initiatives, proposals and formal consultations. We make sure that our monthly meetings reflect our diverse membership and their priorities.

You can find out about becoming a member here.

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