The equality and human rights impacts of Covid-19

At Equally Ours, we as a network are committed to working together with compassion to tackle the increasing challenges to equality and human rights. With the global outbreak of Covid-19, the novel coronavirus, those challenges have become yet more serious and complex.

Together with our policy and research networks and the wider voluntary sector, we are working to highlight the equality and human rights impacts of the coronavirus. We can provide essential intelligence about the issues and problems that people and communities are facing due to the virus, and help to find compassionate solutions.

What are Equally Ours doing in response to Covid-19?

We at Equally Ours will be focusing on:

  1. Putting forward to government and policymakers issues and recommendations that the people and communities we work with and for need them to act on in their response to the virus; and bringing our members and wider networks together to contribute to the response where a joint approach makes a difference.
  2. Continuing our planned policy influencing and capacity-building work where possible, using digital instead of face-to-face delivery models.
  3. Helping our network, the voluntary sector and policymakers stay up to date with developments. We will be adding to this page regularly so that policymakers can access Covid-19 related equality and human rights information all in one place. And if you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter @equallyours.

In our initial policy response to the Covid-19 emergency, supported by many of our members, we are calling on the government to take action in two key areas, and offering our support to make it happen. The first of these is to design equality and human rights in to plans to help people withstand the impact of the virus. The second is to make sure that new emergency powers brought in to manage the virus are in line with human rights standards.

Expertise and action from across our networks

Are you an Equally Ours policy or research network member, associate or observer with guidance or policy recommendations published in response to the coronavirus? Send them to us here.

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