NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard report : A Case for Diverse Boards

A diverse board is one which is able to recognise and fully engage with the diversity of views around the table.

This is according to a March 2018 report and guidance by the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard on how to create a diverse board.

The national average of BME board membership is about 8%. This compares unfavorably to the representation of BME people in the NHS workforce as a whole – currently 17%.

But this paper defines diversity in terms of values, rather than identity. This goes beyond representation, because it claims that changing the demographics is not enough to achieve diversity.

A board that truly values diversity upholds the following principles:

  1. Awareness of bias
  2. Inclusivity
  3. Shared decision-making
  4. Modelling behaviour
  5. Being ok with conflict

The report also includes a discussion about unconscious bias and how to overcome it.

brap, who co-authored the paper, are writing a series of blogs on how to make diversity part of the fabric of your organisation. The latest entries are: ‘Why do diverse teams matter?‘ and ‘How can we truly value diversity?

Read or download the NHS Workforce Race Equality report in full (pdf).

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