Unison Legal Victory: ‘A massive win for our union and a massive win for all workers’

The Supreme Court  has ruled in favour of Unison, making employment tribunal fees unlawful.  Unison argued that the fees of up to £1,200 discriminated against women and other groups of workers.

Responding to the July 2017 ruling, Dave Prentis, UNISON’s general secretary, wrote an article on the Supreme Court decision and stated:

‘I knew as soon as the legislation was introduced that our union had to take a stand, especially when it had such a clear and direct discriminatory impact upon our million women members.

I made a promise to our union that whatever it took – however many years and whatever the cost – I wanted our union to take this case. This was more than a legal case – it was a moral case

Today’s result should bring to an end the cruel employment tribunal fees regime, and ensure that no-one else is ever forced to pay crippling fees just to access basic justice.’

Read the full article.

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