The Equality Trust briefing: Financing gender inequality why public-private partnerships leave women worse off

Globally, we need a shift towards the promotion of high-quality, publicly-funded public services which work in the interests of people, not company shareholders.

This is according to the October 2019 report (pdf) from the Equality Trust. This briefing offers a simple introduction to the issue of public-private partnerships (PPPs) through a gender lens, outlining why strong public services are essential for achieving gender equality.

This briefing finds:

  • The use of PPPs and other private financing modalities have been on the rise since their introduction more than twenty years ago
  • When governments opt for private investment for the construction and service delivery of public services such as healthcare, inequalities tend to increase
  • The fewer public services available, the more time women spend caring for children, elderly relatives and other dependents
  • The profit-orientated motives of private sector providers can also undermine the ability of women to access decent work.

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