Shelter campaign: Build more social housing

‘The number of social homes being built is at its lowest for 70 years, and we face a chronic lack of housing that people can afford.’

This is from Shelter’s January 2019 campaign lobbying the government to build more social housing. The campaign aims to influence the government ahead of the comprehensive spending review, to make funding available for much-needed new social housing.

Social housing provides the stability of a permanent home, and the chance for millions of families to lead lives where their children are safe and happy.

But according to Shelter’s new report on the future of social housing, there are 1.2 million households on the waiting list, and many more in need of social housing.

Lord Jim O’Neill, of Shelter’s cross-party commission on social housing, said:

‘There needs to be a profound shift to see social housing as a national asset like any other infrastructure. A home is the foundation of individual success in life, and public housebuilding can be the foundation of national success. It is the only hope the government has of hitting its 300,000 homes a year target.’

Find out more, and support the campaign, at Shelter’s website.

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