Scottish Affairs Select Committee report: The Future of Working Practices in Scotland

‘It is deeply concerning that more than half of all employees who win a case at an employment tribunal do not receive the compensation they are due’.

This is according to the March 2018 report from the Scottish Affairs Select Committee on the future of working practices in Scotland.

In the last Parliament, the predecessor Committee launched an inquiry into sustainable employment in Scotland. They were unable to complete its work before the snap 2017 General Election, and this report seeks to build on that work.

The report recommends:

  • The Government should commission a study to assess the extent of unfair employment practices in Scotland—to establish how many workers suffer from unfair or illegal employment practices, and whether there are particular issues in certain sectors
  • Where the UK Government is planning to change spending in a way which will affect devolved funding, the Government should engage with the devolved administrations at the earliest possible opportunity on implications for devolved policy
  • The Government should put in place new mechanisms—which could include the establishment of additional enforcement agencies—to proactively identify and combat all unfair employment practices.

Read the full report.

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