Scope report: Starting a new job

‘Overwhelmingly, participants highlighted that the most effective type of employment support was personalised and tailored to their needs’.

This is from the June 2019 report from Scope. Starting a new job looks at factors that help and hinder disabled people when entering the workplace. This report followed 21 participants who have recently started a new job.

The report finds:

  • Managers were key in getting support for disabled workers. While colleagues’ attitudes were important to feeling accepted in a workplace and working well with other people. Both played a key role in a successful start to employment.
  • For some disabled people there are essential adjustments that are needed to do their jobs. However, there was often uncertainty over what adjustments would be seen as ‘reasonable’.
  • Choosing to discuss conditions or impairments when in work was based on a range of factors. For people with a visible impairment, it wasn’t even a choice, whereas for others, it was based on how they felt disability would be perceived in the workplace.

Read the full report (pdf).

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