House of Common Library report: Insecure work – the Taylor Review and the Good Work Plan

The House of Commons have produced a February 2020 briefing paper which provides an overview of the recommendations made in the Taylor Review and the action the Government has taken to date.

The report finds:

  • The Government has passed secondary legislation giving effect to some of the commitments in the Good Work Plan, including legislation that will abolish the Swedish Derogation and legislation to extend to workers the right to receive a written statement of employment rights.
  • However, many of the core recommendations in the Taylor Review have yet to be implemented.
  • The government has not responded to the numerous consultations on these reforms, it is not yet clear how it intends to proceed across the full range of issues identified.
  • In the December 2019 Queen’s Speech, the Johnson Government announced an Employment Bill. The Bill has yet to be published, but the Government stated that the Bill would have a variety of purposes, including giving effect to many Good Work Plan recommendations.

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