Government Equalities Office research: Research request for Gender Recognition Certificate Digital Application Service

The Government Equalities Office’s (GEO’s) Gender Recognition Certificate Discovery Team is conducting research on how the process of obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate could be more straightforward and user-friendly, by looking at the actual process and potential improvements, such as creating a digital application. 

In order to understand the experience of applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate, the team is looking to engage:  

  • people who have received a gender recognition certificate in the past,
  • people who are currently navigating the process,
  • people who may be potential users of the service in the future.

If you work with or know any people that may fit into these categories, the GEO and Equally Ours urge you to please share the details of this project with them. 

All communications with the team is confidential, and participant identities will not be shared with any person, organisation or other government department outside of the workshop organiser. 

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