EHRC report: Progress on Socioeconomic Rights in Great Britain

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has assessed the progress on socioeconomic rights in Great Britain since 2016, focusing on four key areas:

  1. the status of socio-economic rights in domestic law and policy
  2. the rights to an adequate standard of living and social security
  3. the rights to and at work, and
  4. access to justice.

Published in March 2018, Progress on Socioeconomic Rights in Great Britain (pdf) is an update on Great Britain’s implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.  Although progress has been made in key areas, the report shows that:

  • reforms to social security since 2010 are badly affecting children, disabled people, single parents and ethnic minorities
  • relative child poverty (after housing costs) has risen, with the use of sanctions making a bad situation worse for many people
  • low pay, underemployment, precarious self-employment and zero-hours contracts are still common practice
  • changes to legal aid mean that justice is beyond the reach of many, especially children, disabled people and ethnic minorities.

Download the report (pdf) or read an accompanying opinion piece from Senior Associate Marion Sandner.

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