EHRC human rights strategy

On 10 October 2009, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) set out its plan to preserve the rights in the Human Rights Act and to protect and promote respect for human rights principles.

One of the core principles in the Commission’s three-year strategy is for any future legislative developments, such as a proposed Bill of Rights, to have the rights and remedies of the Human Rights Act at their heart, so that the protection it provides is retained.

The Commission’s strategy aims to create a climate of respect for human rights – through promoting understanding, demonstrating the value of human rights law in people’s everyday lives, and using its legal powers.

It intends to promote widespread and accurate understanding of human rights and help to translate the law into practical action by public, private and voluntary organisations.

The Commission will develop innovative ways to measure the performance of government and public authorities on human rights and work to strengthen the degree of accountability of the UK Government to the United Nations in relation to torture, race discrimination and disability rights.

In July this year, the Commission published its Human Rights Inquiry. With evidence gathered from more than 2,800 people, it is the most comprehensive research to date into the Human Rights Act’s first ten years and how human rights principles have been adopted by public institutions.

The Inquiry found that eight in ten people in Britain want human rights protection enshrined in the law and recognise the importance of human rights in creating a fair and equal society. It also revealed that where a human rights approach is incorporated into the delivery of public services, both users and providers benefit.

The Commission is inviting feedback on the strategy and will be discussing the most effective way to implement its aims, objectives and proposed actions with interested parties.’

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Click here for details of the EHRC human rights inquiry

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