Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and Office for Civil Society policy paper: Civil Society Strategy – Building a Future that Works for Everyone

The Government have published the Civil Society Strategy (pdf) which sets out how they will work with and support civil society in the years to come, to build a country that works for everyone.

Published in August 2018, the strategy is composed of the following segments:

  1. People: ‘People taking action is the bedrock of a strong society’
  2. Places: ‘Global Britain’ is rooted in ‘local Britain’
  3. The Social Sector: ‘A strong social sector is a sign of a strong democracy’
  4. The Private Sector: ‘Business done right is a force for good in society’
  5. The Public Sector: ‘The government’s vision for public services in the
    modern era is one of collaborative commissioning’

The Government will:

  • Run the Place Based Social Action programme with the Big Lottery Fund. The programme helps communities to collaborate with local private and public sector organisations to create a shared vision for the place they live and work in
  • Launch a new Innovation in Democracy programme. This programme will pilot participatory democracy approaches, whereby people are supported to take part in the decision-making that affects their communities
  • Build further its support for responsible business and will update on its approach in 2019
  • Support the spread of Citizen Commissioners – local people supported to make commissioning decisions on behalf of their communities.

Read the strategy (pdf).

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