Bach Commission final report: The Right to Justice

The justice system is in crisis.

This is according to the final report by the Bach Commission, in September 2017.

The commission was established at the end of 2015 to find solutions that will restore access to justice as a fundamental public entitlement.

The final report concludes that the problems in the justice system are so widespread and varied that there is a need for a new legally enforceable right to justice, as part of a new Right to Justice Act.

The purpose of the Right to Justice Act is to create a new legal framework that will, over time, transform access to justice.

This act will:

  • Codify our existing rights to justice and establish a new right for individuals to receive reasonable legal assistance without costs they cannot afford
  • Establish a set of principles to guide interpretation of this new right covering the full spectrum of legal support, from information and advice through to legal representation
  • Establish a new body called the Justice Commission to monitor and enforce this new right.

Read the full report (pdf).


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