Young Women’s Trust report: Picking up the pieces

Research and data shows that year on year, young women continue to face inequality in all areas of their lives that blocks their access to economic justice. However, this year there is a need to know the impact of the coronavirus pandemic to understand what life is really like for young women in 2020.

To produce Picking Up the Pieces, Young Women’s Trust combined findings from their annual survey of 4,000 young people, with in-depth peer research interviews with 60 young women across England and Wales. This has provided a unique insight into the economic, mental, and emotional impact of the coronavirus crisis.

The findings:

  • An estimated 1.5 million young women lost income since the start of the pandemic
  • Since March, 69% of young women claiming benefits did so for the first time
  • Half of young mums were unable to get or keep a job because of childcare costs
  • Over a third of young women wouldn’t report sexual harassment for fear of being fired
  • An estimated 750,000 young women had to go to work despite safety fears
  • Over half of young women are worried about their mental health

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