Women’s Budget Group report: One year on, women are less likely than men to feel the Government’s response to Covid-19 has met their needs

One year into the coronavirus pandemic, Women’s Budget Group asked respondents across the UK to reflect on
how their lives have changed and whether the Government’s response has met their needs.

Across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we find that many women do not believe their needs have been met by the UK or devolved Governments’ responses to the coronavirus pandemic – and that such feeling is even more widespread among women who already were experiencing disadvantage and discrimination.

  • Less than four in ten women (38%), compared with half of men (50%), believe that with regard to its coronavirus response, the UK Government is focusing on issues that matter most to them
  • The rate is lowest among young women (32%), women on low household incomes (32%), Disabled women (32%) and single women (25%)
  • Fewer women (43%) agree that the UK Government is acting in their best interest compared to 50% of men
  • Young women (31%), Disabled women (32%) and single women (25%) are least likely to agree.
  • Only three in ten (29%) women and 35% of men agree that women’s specific need have been considered and responded to well by the UK Government.

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