Trade Union Congress report: Is Racism Real?

More than a third (37%) of Black or minority ethnic (BME) workers polled have been bullied, abused or experienced racial discrimination by their employer.

This is according to a September 2017 report by the Trade Union Congress.

This report was conducted with a panel of 1,003 BME workers and aims to raise awareness of racial harassment and discrimination as a workplace issue.

The report finds that:

  • BME women face double discrimination through racism and sexism. 37 per cent of women stated race and gender as the reason for experiencing verbal abuse
  • 19 per cent of young workers who did raise the issue of verbal abuse were treated less well at work
  • 4 per cent of BME workers say they’ve experienced assault or physical violence in the workplace in the past 5 years.

Read the full report (pdf).

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