The Young Foundation report: Nothing about us, without us – lived experience insight and social investment

Why does lived experience insight matter?

The Young Foundation have produced a 2020 report setting out how, and to what extent, bringing more diverse voices into different parts of the social investment process has the power and potential to positively impact stated social investment outcomes. As well as the lives of the people those funds are intending to serve.

The report finds:

  • Lived experience insight has been found to support better human development, service and intervention outcomes
  • Lived experience insight and user involvement approaches also further progress towards goals of inclusivity and non-discrimination in intervention contexts through enabling the participation and recognition of experience of groups who may otherwise be at risk of underrepresentation and marginalisation
  • Engaging users in discussion about public services and community resources, such as housing for example, has been found to engage parts of the population often less likely to engage in general civic participation.

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