The Children’s Society: Under pressure, children’s and young people’s services 2010/11 to 2018/19

Local authority children and young people’s services cover a range of support, from parenting programmes in children’s centres to local safeguarding teams who step in and protect children from harm.

The Children’s Society bring together a wide range of supporting evidence to demonstrate the urgent need for a sustainable, long-term investment in children’s services in the two recent reports outlined below.

Children’s and young people’s services: funding and spending 2010/11 to
provides updated analysis of the most recently available funding and spending trends within children’s services across England.

Pressures on children’s and young people’s services: a deep dive presents findings from more than 20 research interviews with three local authorities across England, drawing upon the experiences and perceptions of staff working on the frontline of funding cuts.

Click here to download both reports

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