Stonewall report: LGBT in Britain – Home and Communities

A June 2018 report (pdf) by Stonewall exposes ‘alarming levels of racism’ towards BAME people within the LGBT community. Many trans, bi, LGBT disabled people and LGBT people of faith also feel excluded.

The report also finds that LGBT people face persistent challenges with being open about their sexual orientation or gender identity with their friends and family.

Key findings include:

  • Half of BAME LGBT people (51 per cent) face discrimination within the LGBT community.
  • More than a third of trans people (36 per cent), one in eight LGBT disabled people (13 per cent), and one in five LGBT people of non-Christian faith (21 per cent) say they’ve experienced discrimination from within the community because of their identities.
  • Only half of lesbian, gay and bi people and trans people feel able to be open about their sexual orientation and/or gender identity to their whole family.
  • A third of bi people (32 per cent) say they cannot be open about their sexual orientation with anyone in their family.

Find out more  or download the full report (pdf).

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