Scottish Parliament Committee report on Women and Social Security

The Scottish Parliament Welfare Reform Committee report on Women and Social Security was published in July 2015.

This report sets out the findings and recommendations made by the Welfare Reform  ommittee on its inquiry into the impact of welfare reform on women.

The Committee heard evidence which suggests that there is an existing inequality for women which has been aggravated by the recent reforms to the social security system.

The Committee believes that the cumulative impact of the reforms has had a damaging and disproportionate impact on women. The evidence in particular has highlighted impacts for certain groups such as disabled women, lone parents, carers, refugee women and those experiencing domestic abuse.

The Committee welcomes the devolution of further social security powers to Scotland. It considers that this represents an opportunity to rectify some of the systematic inequalities that women face. However, it recognises that, as with any new change, there will be challenges.

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