Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government report: Improving families’ lives, annual report of the Troubled Families Programme, 2020-2021

This report includes the latest performance figures, research findings and policy developments for the Troubled Families Programme. 

The programme will begin a new phase in 2021-22 with up to £165 million of funding announced in the 2020 Spending Round. Funding for future years will be determined at 2021 Spending Review. Allocations have been made to local authorities across the country. Up to £165m is available dependent on performance.

The programme has been a key part of the response to Covid-19 by supporting families with immediate needs. The programme will play an important role in the recovery, supporting families with longer term impacts of the pandemic such as unemployment and mental ill health. Troubled Families Programme funded services supported families during lockdown by providing access to food and equipment for home learning. Services also adapted to social distancing rules by using virtual engagement where possible and prioritising need.

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