Migration Advisory Committee report: EEA-Workers in the UK Labour Market – Interim Update

Employers in all sectors are concerned about the prospects of future restrictions on EEA migration.

This is according to a March 2018 report from the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) on EEA workers in the UK labour market.

In July 2017,  MAC assessed the impact on the UK labour market of the UK’s exit from the EU, and how the UK’s immigration system should be aligned with a modern industrial strategy. This interim report provides the evidence base for UK migration after the implementation period in 2021.

The report finds:

  • The vast majority of employers do not deliberately seek to fill vacancies with migrant workers. They employ EEA migrants when they are the best or, sometimes, the only available candidates.
  • Employers often reported skill shortages as one reason for employing EEA migrants
  • Many EEA workers are in jobs requiring a high level of skill that take years to acquire.

Read the full report (PDF).



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