Kings College London report: Becoming covid aware, how the UK is getting used to wearing face masks and other precautionary behaviours

This report includes findings from a survey of 2,237 UK residents aged
16-75 by King’s College London in partnership with Ipsos MORI,
conducted on 17-20 July 2020. Some of these are compared with
results from previous surveys, including two others that were carried
out during the coronavirus pandemic.

The survey shows that some “Covid-secure” behaviours seem to be
• We’re particularly likely to say we’re still staying 2m away from
others (90%) and more regularly washing our hands (88%).
• Many are also still taking further precautions, including
changing/washing our clothes when we get home (40%) and
washing/disinfecting items we bring into our homes (52%).
Despite the easing of the lockdown measures, there has been little
change in stated levels of increased anxiety and loneliness – and we
continue to see similar levels of volunteering, helping others and
receiving help.

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