Joint Committee on Justice and Equality report: Rights and Equality in the Context of Brexit

‘The Committee felt that, despite the huge volume of discussion and debate generated by Brexit, there has been insufficient focus thus far on the rights and equality dimension to it.’

This is from a January 2019 report into Brexit (pdf) by the Joint Committee on Justice and Equality of the Houses of the Oireachtas. The report follows a Committee hearing convened to discuss and reflect on the issues and potential risks raised by Brexit. The report looks at Brexit in terms of human rights and equality in Ireland, and considers how to ensure and strengthen the protection and promotion of human rights and equality on the island.

Key issues raised in the hearing include:

  • The status of Irish citizens in Northern Ireland
  • Equivalence and non-diminution of rights between the North and the South
  • Full implementation of the Belfast agreement
  • Protections for border communities and migrant workers
  • The right to participation in public life
  • Evolving justice arrangements between Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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