Humanist Society Scotland report: Beliefs in Scotland 2018

‘Most people in Scotland (59%) identify as Non-religious’, says an August 2018 report (pdf) from the Humanist Society Scotland on religious affiliations and beliefs in Scotland.

This report looks at attitudes of people in Scotland to religious identity and wider spiritual beliefs.

The report finds:

  • Most people (51%) do not believe in life after death
  • Most people (53%) never pray
  • The single biggest religion in Scotland reported by respondents to this research was Christian (37%). Of those, over half linked themselves to the Church of Scotland (58%)
  • Women report being nonreligious in higher numbers (62%) than men (55%)
  • Younger respondents were more likely to identify as non-religious, 69% of 18-24 compared to 40% of 65+

Read the full report (pdf).

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