Gingerbread report: Tackling single parent poverty after the Coronavirus

Based on new research from the Learning and Work Institute and Gingerbread supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the report Tackling single parent poverty after the Coronavirus explores the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on single parents and sets out what can be done to reduce single parent poverty after the pandemic. 

Key Findings

  • Single parents are more likely to have lost their jobs, with nearly one in ten (9%) falling out of employment. One in three (34%) single parents have been furloughed, compared to just one in four (25%) coupled parents;
  • Single parents who remained in work saw the biggest decline in hours, with working hours shrinking by an average of 7.6 hours;
  • Single parents are more likely to say they are finding it difficult to manage their finances (11%) and that they are behind with their bills (13%) than couples with children;
  • Single parent families were over three times as likely to have relied on food banks during the crisis, compared to coupled families (7% compared to 2%).
  • Single parents are more pessimistic about their future, with one in five (18%) expecting their financial situation to get worse.

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