Friends, Families and Travellers government resource: ‘How to say no to Government’s plan to strengthen police powers against Travellers’

The Government would like to consult on measures to criminalise the act of trespassing when setting up an unauthorised encampment in England and Wales.

Friends, Families and Travellers produced a response stating:

“We completely oppose the Home Office announcement of a consultation on criminalising trespass. It is clear that the proposals would have a devastating impact on Gypsy and Traveller communities, who have been part of British life since before the 16th century, yet face some of the greatest inequalities of any group in England and Wales”

The Government’s plan could:

  • Make trespass a crime – resulting in prison, a fine or your vehicle being taken from you
  • Make it a crime for you to stop alongside or on the road – they will be able to move you along
  • Make it so police can act when there’s two vehicles, instead of six. A car, a trailer and a van would count as three vehicles.

Friends, Families and Travellers need as many people as possible to contest the Government’s plans and respond to the consultation.

They have produced a resource which explains how you can respond to the consultation.

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