Equality and Human Rights Commission research report: Developing a National Barometer of Prejudice and Discrimination in Britain

Nearly three-quarters of people in Britain (74%) agreed that there should be equality for all groups in Britain, but one in ten (10%) people surveyed disagreed.

This statistic is from the October 2018 research report on the first national survey of prejudice in Britain in over a decade.

The aim of this report is to demonstrate the value of using a national survey of this type to measure people’s experiences of prejudice in Britain, as well as people’s attitudes towards others. It also aims to set a benchmark for future surveys.

The report finds:

  • 70% of Muslims surveyed experienced religion-based prejudice
  • 64% of people from a black ethnic background experienced race-based prejudice
  • 46% of lesbian, gay or bisexual people experienced sexual orientation-based prejudice
  • More people expressed openly negative feelings towards some protected characteristics (44% towards Gypsies, Roma and Travellers, 22% towards Muslims, and 16% towards transgender people)
  • Around a third of British adults felt that efforts to provide equal opportunities had gone ‘too far’ in the case of immigrants (37%) and Muslims (33%).



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