Disability Equality Research Network – DERN

DERN (Disability Equality Research Network) is an informal network which was set up at The LSE in 2010 with the aim of providing disabled and disability researchers with an opportunity to share their work with critical friends and to receive constructive feedback. The convenor, Dr Nicola Martin, is now at London South Bank University (LSBU) and DERN is operating from LSBU’s Education Research Centre (ERC).

There are currently 150+ members. DERN’s setup was originally sponsored by the LSE Annual Fund. DERN membership is not limited to LSE or LSBU staff and students, or to the UK Members communicate with each other via the list mainly, but DERN also holds meetings and conferences.

DERN may well be helpful to you if you are researching anything with a broad disability equality theme (whether or not you are disabled yourself), or if you are a disabled researcher engaging with any theme-not necessarily disability related. (We could for example discuss principles of emancipatory research, or addressing barriers experienced by disabled researchers).

The disability equality angle implies a social or post social model approach, rather than anything more medically orientated. It is possible that the network may broaden to consider wider equality themes.

New subscribers to the JISCMAIL e-list are welcome.

If you wish to present your work please submit an abstract of up to 150 words to martinn4@lsbu.ac.uk. Presenters are required to email accessible copies of papers /slides to all DERN members at least 2 days prior to presenting. Members can then produce alternative formats as needed. Please also bring 20 copies with you, including 4 large print.

Please contact martinn4@lsbu.ac.uk cc Jennifer, boydj3@lsbu.ac.uk with any ideas (using the subject header DERN).

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