Children Poverty Action Group report: Poverty in the pandemic, the impact of coronavirus on low-income families and children

Based on an online survey of 285 low-income families and in-depth interviews with 21 of these families between May and August 2020, this report offers an important insight into the day-to-day struggles that families have been dealing with, as well as their strength and resilience in managing such an array of challenges on a limited income. It was written by CPAG and the Church of England. 

It looks at the financial and non-financial impacts as well as the sources of support families had, and makes the following recommendations: 

  • Child benefit should be increased by at least £10 a week and an extra £10 a week should be added to the child element within universal credit and child tax credits.
  • Free school meals should be extended to all families who are in receipt of universal credit or tax credits, with a view to introducing universal FSM for all children in the longer term.
  • The benefit cap should be abolished, or at least suspended for the duration of the pandemic.

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