British Institute of Human Rights project: Government Consultations and Human Rights

British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) has launched an exciting new project on government consultations.

Lots of people have told BIHR that they want to give the government their opinions, but do not know how to.

Some people are feeling very tired from lots of consultations running at the same time. Sometimes consultations only last for a very short time. This means some people do not get a fair chance to have their say.

The government do not make accessible versions, like easy read, of all consultations. This means that not everyone can understand what is being asked.

Sometimes the Government does not follow what people tell them in consultations, even when lots of people are saying the same thing. This means that people sometimes feel like they have been ignored.

What is the project going to do?


BIHR have asked the government for information about the way that they run consultations.

They want to hear from people (who access services), staff (like social workers), communities (like support groups), and people that have lots of experience doing consultations (policy)

Developing a tool:

BIHR is making a tool called a matrix to help people judge if a government consultation thinks about our human rights.


They will be writing a report that tells the government about what people like about consultations and what could be better.

If you have taken part in a government consultation or have wanted to tell the government your opinions about policies but were not able to access a consultation, please take part in this project.

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