Young Women’s Trust: ‘The Clock Turns Back for Young Women’

The Clock Turns Back for Young Women is the Young Women’s Trust’s first annual report shining a light on the realities of young women’s lives in the 21st century.

Almost 100 years after women first got the vote in Britain, too many young women are facing a bleak future, and in stark contrast to women over the age of 31, they feel that traditionally male roles are beyond their reach.

The Facts

  • The Trust’s latest research shows that young women are considerably more likely than women over 31 to think that many traditionally male roles are out of their reach
  • 52% of young women think that men are more suited to be
    electricians, compared to 26% of older women
  • 1 in 5 young women have been offered zero-hour contracts
  • 20% of young women have been offered jobs paying less than the minimum wage
  • Twice as many young women than men are considered to be economically inactive

Key Recommendations

  • Improve recruitment practice so that more young women apply
  • Offer genuine and greater flexible working conditions to those with caring responsibilities
  • Ensure that women have a positive experience when working in male dominated fields by taking a strong stance on bullying and harassment
  • Pay the National Minimum Wage
  • Pay the same rates for all apprentices
  • Extend the provision of free child-care so that young mothers can afford to study or work

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