Women’s Budget Group, Runnymede Trust, RECLAIM and Coventry Women’s Voices report: Intersecting Inequalities, The Impact of Austerity on Black and Minority Ethnic Women in the UK

Female lone parents, who make up 92% of all lone parents, will lose on average services worth over £4,900.Black women are overrepresented among single parent households.

This is according to an October 2017 report from the Women’s Budget Group, Runnymede Trust, RECLAIM and Coventry Women’s Voices.

This report is part of an ongoing project by the Women’s Budget Group and the Runnymede Trust to analyse the impact of government budgets and spending reviews by gender, race and income.

This is the first intersectional analysis of the cumulative impact of austerity using both qualitative and quantitative data.

The report finds that:

  • BME women face multiple disadvantages, including sexism and racism in the labour market. They face discrimination and bias at every stage of the recruitment process – during the evaluation of CVs and application forms, at the interview stage and once in post
  • BME women are more likely to live in households with dependent children. Over half of Bangladeshi, Pakistani or Black African households had one or more dependent children compared with just over a quarter of White British households
  • BME women are more likely to be living in poor households. In 2015/16, 50% of Bangladeshi households, 46% of Pakistani households and 40% of Black African/Caribbean households were living in poverty compared to 19% of White British households.

Read the full report.

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