Women’s Budget Group briefing: Gender impacts of trade and investment agreements

Inclusive policies require inclusive policymaking. Involving women’s groups, civil society organisations and stakeholders in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of trade policy.

This according to the September 2019 briefing (pdf) from the Women’s Budget Group which analyses how gender equality interacts with international trade and investment agreements.

The briefing finds:

  • Trade policy affects people in their multiple roles as consumers, producers, workers, users of public services, and providers of unpaid care work.
  • The impacts of trade policy are gendered as a result of the different position of women and men in these areas of activity.
  • Changing trade policy can have both positive and negative impacts. The negative impacts are felt most acutely by women and other vulnerable populations.
  • Providing effective gender-based impact assessment and monitoring is key to ensuring that trade policy, including international trade agreements, produce no gendered harm and that unintended negative consequences can be remedied.

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