Women’s Budget Group briefing: Distribution of Money with in the Household and Current Social Security Issues for Couples in the UK

This January 2021 briefing from Women’s Budget Group provides a detailed insight into how money is distributed in a household and the implications for those on social security and experiencing spousal abuse.

The briefing: 

  • sets out what is known about how couples share incomes and decision-making about money in the household; with what outcomes; and the impact of different factors on this; 
  • outlines the evidence on financial control and abuse and how this relates to payment of benefits; 
  • examines the situation of couples on low/moderate incomes and/or social security benefits in particular, given that they are central to current debates on ‘welfare reform’;
  • focuses on the specific issue of payment of benefits, in relation to Universal Credit and then benefits for children;
  • describes the most recent developments in this area of inquiry.

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