Women’s Budget Group research: BAME women and Covid-19

Womens’ Budget Group along with Fawcett Society, London School of Economics and Queen Mary University London conducted polling research to explore the impact coronavirus is having on Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people and in particular women.

Key findings include:

  • Nearly half of BAME women (45.4%) said they were struggling to cope with all the different demands on their time at the moment, compared to 34.6% of white women and 29.6% of white men.
  • Of those who were now working from home, A higher proportion of BAME people (41.0% of women and 39.8% of men) reported working more than they did before the pandemic, compared to white people (29.2% of women and 28.5% of men).
  • Over twice as many BAME women and men reported that they had recently lost support from the government (42.5% and 48.3%) than white women and men (12.7% and 20.6%).
  • Life satisfaction and happiness were lowest for BAME women, and anxiety was highest for all women compared to men. 

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