Women and Equalities Committee inquiry: Are fathers being failed in the workplace?

The Women and Equalities Committee launched an inquiry in January 2017 as new research reveals that many fathers do not feel supported in the workplace to care for their children.

Chair of the Committee, Maria Miller MP, said: “Following our work on the Gender Pay Gap, the Women and Equalities Committee is now asking whether fathers are being failed in the workplace. Clearly more needs to be done. We are keen to hear views from individuals as well as organisations about the changes which they would like to see.”

The inquiry also comes as Working Families and Bright Horizons launch their Modern Families Index 2017, which captures a broad picture of fathers wanting to take an active part in childcare and of workplaces failing to adapt and support their aspirations.

The Committee is receiving written submissions from both organisations and individuals. Submissions should be received by 1 March 2017.

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