Women and Equalities Committee – Government response to Fathers and the Workplace report

The Government rejects most of the recommendations which were designed to modernise workplace policies for 21st century families.

This is according to the Women and Equalities Committee, who have published the Government’s response to their March 2018 report on Fathers and the Workplace.

The Committee’s report put forward new measures on paternity leave and pay, shared paternal leave, the right to flexible working, workplace rights and driving cultural change.

The response shows that the Government ‘accepts the need for change but rejects many of the recommendations made without alternative solutions’.

Key points include:

  • The Government will consider the recommendation to include parental benefits in a written statement of employment rights.
  • The Government will not change the current statutory position on allowing fathers time off for antenatal appointments.
  • The Government states it is committed to shared parental leave but notes that ‘the policy is still relatively new and has had little time to bed in’.
  • Flexible working arrangements for fathers will remain voluntary and a general Flexible Working Taskforce has been established.
  • The forthcoming 2018 Maternity and Paternity Rights Survey will provide more data for the Government to consider these issues.

Read more about the Women and Equalities Committee inquiry.

Read the Government response in full (pdf).


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