University of Sussex Hate Crime Project: Final Report

‘Overall, 7 out of 10 people had been directly victimised in the past 3 years’, says a January 2018 report from the University of Sussex Hate Crime Project.

This report summarises the findings from the five-year research project which aims to examine the indirect impacts of hate crimes.

The project focused on hate crimes targeted against LGBT and Muslim communities and used a variety of different research methods, including questionnaire surveys and individual interviews.

The report finds:

  1. Respondents were likely to have been victimised in a hate crime/incident in the past 3 years. 72% of LGBT respondents and 71% of Muslim respondents had been victims
  2. Experiences of hate crime via the media and online were also extremely common. 83% of LGBT respondents and 86% of Muslim respondents had been directly targeted online
  3. Hate crime victims received more empathy than non-hate crime victims and sometimes were blamed more than non-hate crime victims.

Read the full report (pdf).

EDF hosted the report launch and helped disseminate the research.


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