University College London and Resolution Foundation project: Exploring Inequalities

The University College London and Resolution Foundation have launched a research project to better inform UK policy.

Exploring Inequalities aims to combine research and evidence on inequality in the UK, with the aim of leading to informed and joined-up policy making.

By bringing together a broad range of experts from academia, NGOs and government, the review will cut across standard research and policy boundaries to synthesise and deepen their understanding of this issue.

The project will seek to address questions including:

  • What are the current policy challenges in tackling embedded structural and relational inequalities in the UK, and why do they exist?
  • How are inequalities experienced in relation to one another, how are these cumulative, and how do they overlap?
  • How are such inequalities sustained?
  • How can we better connect quantitative and qualitative data on different forms of inequality in the UK to produce robust evidence for policy?

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