UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights call for input: expansion of the recognition, institutionalization and accountability framework for economic and social rights

The Special Rapporteur released a report in 2016 which sets out the Recognition, Institutionalization and Accountability (RIA) Framework for realising economic and social rights.

He is currently carrying out a research project (pdf) to expand upon the 2016 report by investigating the extent of legislative recognition and institutionalisation of economic and social rights globally.  As well as  the existence and strength of non-judicial accountability mechanisms at both the international and domestic level.

The Special Rapporteur is seeking input from governments, academics, activists, and international and non-governmental organisations on this topic, whether by way of written submission or conversation with the Special Rapporteur’s staff.

The following questions may serve as a guide for input, but all material relevant to the broader topic is welcomed:

  • What has made a difference in your country in promoting the implementation of a specific economic and social right?
  • What domestic institutions have succeeded in implementing, monitoring and advocating for economic and social rights?
  • What conditions or circumstances have made it difficult to recognise, institutionalise, and hold the government to account in relation to economic and social rights?

The call for input is open until 29 March 2019. Please direct all queries and submissions to Anna Bulman at anna.bulman@nyu.edu.

Find out more about the call for submission.

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