UK in a Changing Europe research: Priority Issues for Brexit

Research by UK in a Changing Europe published in July 2018 shows a shift in public opinion, with sovereignty the priority Brexit issue over immigration.

The survey reveals a picture of a ‘deeply divided Britain’.

Key findings include:

  • The overall top priority is ensuring strong economic growth
  • Leave voters prioritised sovereignty over both immigration and economic growth
  • Labour and Conservative Remain voters share almost no priorities
  • Labour Leave and Remain voters are deeply divided over immigration and inequality
  • Labour Leave voters include distinct, very different, subgroups including one whose priorities are sovereignty and immigration and another who prioritise tackling inequality, jobs and housing and could be described as “Lexiters”.
  • Given how different the priorities of Leave and Remain voters are, it will be difficult to find a Brexit outcome acceptable to a large number of both groups

See the research findings (pdf).

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