TUC analysis – Maternity Leave in Europe

The TUC published an analysis of maternity pay in March 2017. Based on research from the International Network on Leave Policies and Research, the TUC found that British mothers get one of the lowest amounts of decently-paid maternity leave in Europe.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“The UK is in the relegation zone when it comes to decently-paid maternity leave. Many Europeans countries offer decent support to new mums. But lots of parents here are forced back to work early to pay the bills. My advice to all new mums is to join a union. It is the best way to improve your pay and conditions.”

Director of Maternity Action Ros Bragg said:

“Without adequate maternity pay, women’s choices are limited and many cannot afford to take their leave entitlements. We should be investing in support for pregnant women and new families.”

The BBC, the Independent and the Guardian also covered this analysis.

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