Trust for London report: What Britain Thinks

The characterisation of Londoners as socially detached and economically privileged is not only inaccurate, it is deeply damaging to social cohesion across the UK.

A July 2018 report by Trust for London and NatCen looks at the attitudes of Londoners and how they compare across the rest of Britain.

Key findings include:

  • 51% of Londoners are engaged in politics
  • Only 40% of Londoners are living comfortably on their current income
  • 60% of Scots fall left of the political spectrum

The report also finds that:

  • On politics, Londoners and Scots share remarkably similar political views despite the geographical distance.
  • On welfare and government spending, Londoners tended to express more pro- welfare views compared with those in other regions.
  • Work and education appear to be an area of substantial common ground for Londoners and other regions.

Read the report in full.


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