Traveller Movement report: GRT access to further education,14-16 provision, vocational qualifications, apprenticeships and A Levels

In recent months there have been much needed
conversations about access and experiences in Higher
Education but we are yet to see the same interest in Further
Education. This is despite it being a key point for many young
people, and the poor experiences and numbers dropping
out during secondary education means that there is great
potential for Further Education to reengage these pupils and
to improve their life chances.

This report produced by the Traveller Movement feels long
overdue and it brings to the forefront the issues that Gypsies,
Roma and Travellers face in accessing Further Education and
some of the barriers that can prevent them from succeeding.
Indeed, it highlights the structural challenges that are faced
by pupils from a variety of backgrounds and puts forward a
number of recommendations to bring about change.

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