The UK in a Changing Europe and Oxford Human Rights Hub briefing: The Continuing Impact of Brexit on Equality Rights

‘UK equality law has grown in a vibrant interactive relationship with EU law.’

This is according to an April 2018 briefing (pdf) from the UK in a Changing Europe and Oxford Human Rights Hub on Brexit and equality law.

The briefing explores strategies to ensure protection of equality in the UK, as well as continued cooperation between the UK and EU on equality post-Brexit.

The report finds:

  • The UK will also lose the benefit of future improvements in EU equality law, such as the new initiative on work-life balance; and will no longer have a seat at the table with the social partners.
  • On exit day, the EU Charter will cease to be part of UK domestic law
  • There is a possibility that the Equality Act 2010 could be amended by delegated legislation
  • After Brexit, UK courts will no longer be able to refer matters to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), and the case law of the CJEU made on or after exit day will no longer be binding upon UK courts.

Read the full report (pdf). 


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