The Ubele Initiative report: Tókàn strategy

The Ubele Initiative has published a Tókàn strategy report (pdf), a roadmap to help deliver their key priorities and plans in the next five years. 

They aim to continue to aim high over the next five years to make a major contribution within the growing eco-system of organisations led by Black and Minoritised communities, which collectively can help reduce a growing social and economic gap. 

Ubele began with community dialogue to find a more sustainable way forward for African and Caribbean communities and now has a stunning horticulture centre as their shared home in North London – a community asset from which the organisation and its community can grow.

Their African Diaspora roots have extended their reach to embrace many other minoritised communities; their ambition is to support enterprise and asset development and facilitate alliance building on a national scale.

Their key strategic aims are ambitious in intent and do justice to the strong foundation that Ubele has already built and their learning from 10 years’ of community dialogue and practice:

  • Strengthen communities through enterprise and asset development
  • Advocate for equity and justice in communities
  • Strengthen infrastructure and voice
  • Develop people, groups and organisations.

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